Around the Store Around the Store The Warehouse Where we store bagged feed ready for sale 146238358 Sebastion A wild kitten the guys tamed over the summer; now he is the most friendly cat you'd meet! 146238359 Store Front Entrance Come on in and browse around! 146238360 Purina Deer Blocks Great for attracting deer for sport or simple viewing pleasure. 146238361 Z Tags For tagging calfs and cattle 146238362 Automotive supplies 146238363 Buddy and Sebastion Cuddling together; dogs and cats can get along! 146238364 Muck Boots A wide range of styles and sizes. 146238365 Plumbing Supplies We try to have what you need for those unexpected plumbing projects. 146238366 Bolts; Nuts: Washers; All types of hardware 146238367 Safe-Guard Wormer Blocks For cattle 146238368 Grain Elevator, Feed Bins and Warehouse Exterior shot of bulidings 146238369 Mr. Kitty What do you think he's dreaming about? 146238370